Honest, Trustworthy and Wise in Work

Work ethic plays an important role in producing a quality and excellent administration. Without work ethics, the human resource that carries out tasks in the administration of an organisation will act according to emotions, while ignoring the rules and laws. The matter was among the content of the Friday Sermon titled ‘Jujur, Amanah dan Bijaksana dalam Pekerjaan’ or ‘Honest, Trustworthy and Wise in Work.’


The Imam or Prayer Leader reminded that we must adhere to the work ethics and guidelines in Islam. Every individuals must possess these work ethics. First, honesty. Being honest means to be transparent and sincere in words and actions. Being honest and truthful are the qualities that must be cultivated and practiced by civil service servants or private sector. Second, Trustworthy. Trust is a person or thing in which confidence is placed. With great trust comes great responsibility. Third, being wise. A wise person is able to make sensible decisions and good judgments. In carrying out our responsibilities as civil service servants, we need to be wise in carrying our daily tasks.


Source: Radio Television Brunei


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