Peace and prosperity are the most precious blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. With that, religion can be protected, progress can be generated and security can be felt. Islam is highly concerned on peace, prosperity and harmony in family, community and the country. The Royal Brunei Police Force is among the government security agencies that entrusted and responsible as the main pillar to uphold peace, prosperity and harmony in the family, society and nation. The matter was among the contents for yesterday’s Friday Sermon titled Grateful for the Blessings of Peace and Prosperity.


The prayer leader shared that on the 1st of January 2022, the Royal Brunei Police Force celebrated its 101st Anniversary and is one of the oldest agencies in the country. Throughout its establishment, the Royal Brunei Police Force has faced various challenges in combating various types of crime both traditional and non -traditional, aside from cyber threat and many more. However, with such challenges, the Royal Brunei Police Force remains prepared to serve the community continuously every day in order to uphold national sovereignty, strengthen stability, development and socio -economic growth from all threats that can threaten the security of society and the country. Strong cooperation between the Royal Brunei Police Force and security enforcement agencies, stakeholders as well as the community is highly expected. Hence, as the country’s citizens and residents, we should work together and help the police to combat crime by providing information on any criminal activities for the country’s peace and prosperity.


Source: Radio Television Brunei


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