CAMALIG — The local government of Camalig in Albay province served 3,000 pinangat dishes to residents, visitors, and tourists during a communal boodle fight on Friday, marking the resumption of the Pinangat Festival. The event, aimed at promoting local cuisine and supporting local producers, featured the Bicol Region specialty made from taro leaves, chili, and meat stewed in coconut milk and wrapped in coconut leaves.

According to Philippines News Agency, spokesperson for the Camalig local government, both regular and spicy pinangat dishes were purchased from local sellers to provide additional income and livelihood to local producers. “We bought the products to provide additional income and livelihood to our local producers, and at the same time, we are promoting our product to be known internationally,” Florece said. The dishes were prepared on the streets, inviting everyone to partake.

The event was part of Camalig’s mandate and the Department of Trade and Industry’s One Town, One Product initiative, which promotes local produce and aims to boost local economies. The Pinangat Festival, which began on June 10, had been on hold for the past four years due to the pandemic and eruption threats from Mayon Volcano. The festival is scheduled to conclude on June 24.

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