The SMARTER BACA Centre and SMARTER EDGE Centre yesterday morning became the focal points for a visit by the Women's Bureau of the Kampong Sengkurong 'B' Consultative Council. The visit among other things to get to know the activity and development of both centres. The visit by 20 members aimed to together building awareness as a care community towards the group of society who are in need.

The SMARTER BACA centre in Kampung Sungai Hanching became the first venue of the visit before moving to the SMARTER EDGE centre in Kampung Mata-Mata Gadong. The delegation took a closer look at the activity and learning sessions of the SMARTER pupils. Established in 2001, SMARTER Brunei is a non-government organisation, which plays a role in managing issues related to autism through education and training conducted by parents and members of the family.

In the visit, the delegation also presented donation in the form of financial to the SMARTER Association. The SMARTER Brunei Association continue to ensure that every individuals with Autism receive guidance and suitable programmes to further expand their potentials. These includes the provision of a comfortable, healthy and safe life and learning environment. As of now, the SMARTER Brunei has 3 centres, one in Belait District and two in Brunei Muara District.

Source: Radio Television Brunei