A delegation from the Youth and Sports Development Section, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and from the Zakat Recipients Empowerment Programme (PROPAZ), Brunei Islamic Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs, made a working visit to the Agricultural Development Area, KKP in the Brunei Muara district, yesterday morning. The visit, among others, aimed to obtain information and take a closer look at various farming activities with potential as an exposure of systematic and successful agriculture measures and opportunities for farming activities suitable for youths and the PROPAZ participants.

20 trainees and 2 officers from the Youth Development Centre and 5 officers from the Youth and Sports Development Section took part in the working visit, led by Awang Haswandi bin Haji Osman, the Acting Assistant Director of Youth Development Centre. From PROPAZ, 7 people joined the visit led by Awang Haji Abdul Aziz bin Haji Akop, the Acting Secretary of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council. Riza Fudhlana Farming Enterprise and the Wasan Paddy Farm Area were among those visited.

Riza Fudhlana Farming Enterprise is a closed coop meat chicken farm at the KKP Tanah Tuah in Kulapis. With only 2 coops during its initial operation in 2014, the company has shown positive development and progressiveness with the addition of 2 more closed chicken coops in 2015. This year, 10 coops are fully operational and 3 more coops are expected to completed and ready for operation by the end of this year.

The delegation then proceeded to take a closer look at the Wasan Paddy Farm Area in KKP Wasan which covers an area of 248 hectares. 189 hectares are operated by Koperasi Setia Kawan (KOSEKA) and the remaining 59 hectares are operated by Mukim Pengkalan Batu Consultative Council. Last year, the overall paddy yield for the KOSEKA area was 69 metric tonnes with a value of one point 7-1 million dollars. While the Pengkalan Batu Consultative Council has produced 387 metric tonnes with a value of point 6-2 million dollars.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei