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Updated Health Procedures

The Minister of Health also explained that after reviewing the control measures implemented in government health facilities, the Ministry of Health will implement several changes, starting on 20th September 2022.


Patients who are seeing a doctor and have no signs of infection are no longer required to do ART. However, ART is still required for patients who wish to get dental treatment, undergo certain medical procedures such as bronchoscopy and gastroscopy, seek treatment at the Accident and Emergency Department in hospitals, and patients who will be admitted to the hospital. ART is also encouraged for patients in health centres who have signs of infection to facilitate treatment. Meanwhile, PCR test will be done for certain patients only.


Meanwhile, the issuance of Self Isolation Notice will cease. Anyone with signs of infection but have negative ART result is advised to use the Self Certified Medical Leave, CSDS or a sick leave letter from parents or guardians for students. As a reminder, all positive cases will undergo self-isolation as per the Quarantine Order under the Infectious Diseases Act for the period set in accordance with the current SOP.


On Visiting Policy in hospitals, visits are only allowed during designated visiting hours. The number of visitors per patient in the hospital is no longer limited. However, only two visitors are allowed at one time per patient, and they must show negative ART result on the same day. Visitors are not allowed to visit patients in the holding ward or isolation ward, but a caregiver may be allowed to be with the patient depending on the assessment and suitability of the patient’s condition. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to visit.



Source: Radio Television Brunei