​The hoisting of flags at residences, office buildings and business premises in conjunction with the 37th National Day celebration is symbolic in expressing the love and patriotism among the country’s citizens and residents. The love for the country was also physically expressed by the citizens and residents in the Temburong District in together further enlivening this year’s National Day Celebration.


Since flag hoisting began on the 16th of February, the atmosphere in Temburong District including Bangar town is enlivened with the hoisting of national flags. Residences, office buildings and business premises are decorated with the yellow, white, black and reds of the national flag. The hoisting of the flags reflects the high patriotism of the citizens and residents of Temburong District.


More importantly, the flags hoisted are in good condition, not faded, dirty or torn. This is because the flag is a symbol of a country’s sovereignty and identity.


The involvement of the country’s people including those in Temburong District in together enlivening this year’s National Day celebration can enhance patriotism. At the same time, it is also a symbol of solidarity, love and loyalty to the beloved monarch and country.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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