Quranic Journey Programme

​Towards ensuring that graduands of Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD are not only good at Al-Quran reading but also internalize the contents of Al-Quran or become graduates who are literate in Al-Quran, UBD introduced the Quranic Journey Programme for its Muslim students. The effort is in line with UBD’s goal of ‘Towards Human Perfection’.


In an interview with RTB, Dk Siti Norainul Fathni binti Pengiran Haji Tajuddin, UBD Religious Officer as the Programme Coordinator explained that the Programme is a continuity of the khatam Al Quran guidance programme in conjunction with UBD convocation. Dayangku Siti Norainul Fathni Binti Pengiran Haji Tajuddin, UBD Religious Officer said that the Quranic Journey Programme as 4 main components namely the Talaqqi Al Quran session for UBD undergraduates, the reading of surah Yassin on every Friday, taddabur Al-Quran session or Al Quran internalisation and mentor recruiting programme among UBD undergraduates.


Starting on 6th January, undergraduates will attend Al-Quran learning session, the reading of surah Yassin and lecture at Masjid UBD every Friday. Some 56 new students joined the Talaqqi Al Quran session conducted by mentors among the selected lecturers and undergraduates. The programme is hoped to produce Al-Quran Generation who will make Al-Quran as a guide for life and support the desire of making Brunei Darussalam as a Zikir Nation.




Source: Radio Television Brunei