President Marcos Calls for National Unity and Progress in 2024

MANILA: President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has urged Filipinos to maintain the spirit of solidarity and contribute to national development as the country welcomes the new year. In his New Year's message, President Marcos emphasized the importance of reflecting on the past year's accomplishments and learning from them to advance unity and development. "As a nation, we bid farewell to the challenges and triumphs of the past year and embrace a new dawn of opportunity and hope that heralds another fresh start for all," he stated.

According to Philippines News Agency, the new year is a time to reinforce the unity forged among the Filipino people and to contribute to the future of the nation. He called upon Filipinos worldwide to engage in acts of kindness, volunteerism, and compassion, considering each individual a catalyst for meaningful social transformation. President Marcos also expressed his commitment to strengthening bonds and charting a new roadmap for the future, envisioning a revitalized Philippines – a Bagong Pilipinas – guiding the nation's endeavors towards peace, progress, and prosperity.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez expressed his hope for a renewed sense of optimism and purpose in 2024. "The challenges ahead are opportunities for us to innovate, collaborate, and build a nation that echoes the dreams and aspirations of every Filipino," Romualdez stated. He acknowledged the transformative journey of 2023 as a milestone and testament to the nation's dedication to progress, unity, and service. The Speaker praised the collective efforts in passing critical bills, measures, and resolutions, emphasizing their role in shaping policy and strengthening democracy in the Philippines. He expressed optimism for a more prosperous future under the leadership of President Marcos, whose vision aligns with the collective desire for progress.

Marikina 2nd District Representative Stella Quimbo described 2023 as a year of economic challenges and steady progress for the Philippines. She highlighted the need for reforms in various areas to improve the nation's state and uplift the lives of the Filipino people. Quimbo emphasized the consensus on liberalizing some critical economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, along with addressing other critical issues. "The bottom line is we need to send a certain and predictable signal to the global investor community: the Philippines is ready, able, and willing to accept foreign direct investments," she stated.

In the realm of national security, Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Gilberto C. Teodoro Jr. called on Filipinos to support the DND's initiatives in protecting the country's security and stability. "We thank our President, our stakeholders, and our people for the trust and confidence in our institution," Teodoro said in his New Year message, calling for continued support to build a stable, secure, and solid Philippines. Undersecretary Ariel F. Nepomuceno of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) also appealed to the public to assist in creating a more resilient nation. "As we welcome the New Year, let us carry the spirit of resilience and unity with us. Let us work together to build a safer and more prepared nation. May 2024 bring hope, prosperity, and peace to every Filipino," he added.