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Potential Motorcycle Workshop Provides Employment Opportunities

Starting out from a small scale but now has his own workshop. In fact, 'Dude Garage' has the potential to become a company that can provide employment opportunities for locals.

Although only 38 years old, Awang Izzul Hazzwan bin Jamil can be proud of his motorcycle workshop company, the 'Dude Garage'. His interest in motorcycles and underbone bikes, prompted him to delve further into the ins and outs of the motorcycle workshop business, including providing maintenance or servicing and selling motorcycle spare parts.

2009 became an important moment for him when his dream of having his own workshop came true.

With persistence and a desire to progress, the 'Dude Garage' can become a successful workshop business not only as a means of livelihood for its owner but also providing job opportunities for locals.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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