Permission to Resume Operations

The public, especially developers are reminded to always comply with any order, acts, regulations, standards and guidelines that are currently enforced. The Ministry of development in its press release also advised developers including owners, operators and tenants of building units or premises to liaise with the appointed Qualified Person who is responsible for informing developers about the status of applications that have been submitted to Authority on Building Control and Construction Industry, ABCi and any outstanding matters required to be resolved with relevant agencies.

Dil’s Cafe is now allowed to resume operations after being issued a Notice to Vacate the Premises on 31st of January 2023. Dil’s Cafe’s appointed Qualified Person submitted the application to obtain the Occupation Permit, OP on the 10th of March 2023 and the application was approved on the same day. Further information, the public can visit the ABCi website at

Source: Radio Television Brunei