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Negros Oriental Government Takes Action Against Hazardous Hospital Waste

Negros Oriental, Philippines - The Negros Oriental provincial government is implementing measures to safeguard the public from hospital waste temporarily dumped at a vacant lot in the capital city. Dr. Liland Estacion, PHO chief.

According to Philippines News Agency, about the interim disposal of waste from the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) and the pending arrival of a PHP20 million medical waste shredder.

Estacion assured that despite the temporary arrangement, proactive steps are being taken for public safety. She mentioned the upcoming arrival of a shredder with disinfection features, which will transform the hospital waste into regular garbage suitable for the city dumpsite.

In the interim, daily disinfection and spraying are conducted by a team designated by the provincial government, with personnel donning protective gear to prevent disease. Estacion addressed concerns about the foul smell emanating from the garbage dump, explaining the need for regular stirring of the waste. The temporary dump is secured with fencing and a roofed structure, where refuse is covered with soil.

Estacion also noted that the province is considering an agreement with an Iloilo City-based firm specializing in hospital waste disposal, highlighting the stringent requirements for hazardous waste management.

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