The new joint venture expands access to services like disclosure management and billing functionalities for bank clients.

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2024 / Naehas , the leader in the financial services customer experience cloud space, is partnering with Itea P2B AB (Itea P2B), a Nordics-based fintech company, bringing each other's solutions to their respective markets.

Naehas and Itea P2B AB Partnership
Naehas and Itea P2B AB Partnership
Naehas and Itea P2B AB Partnership - Company logos

This global partnership will allow banks to leverage new functionalities, using Itea P2B's billing capabilities as an integrated Naehas solution, made possible through Naehas' flexible architecture.

These new capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Invoice grouping per customer or account
  • Options of debit advice
  • E-invoicing
  • PDF for distribution or digital use
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Flexible billing periods/cycles
  • Customized invoicing based on billing settings
  • Credit note capability to fix invoicing errors

In Europe, Middle East, and African (EMEA) markets, Itea P2B will provide access to Naehas' disclosure management solutions. This helps EMEA banks to reduce regulatory risk by automating their marketing and service disclosures.

Globally and in particular for the U.S. and Canadian markets, Naehas' enterprise product and pricing, offer management, and disclosure management solutions combined with Itea P2B's billing capabilities create a robust customer experience ecosystem. This partnership reinforces the commitment of both firms to support banks in providing their customers with exceptional service.

"Automating and controlling billing are key areas for banks serving commercial and corporate customers. There's a lot of complexity surrounding billing. It's an area of profound customer experience, leakage, errors, time loss, and excessive costs related to manual processing. Customers need transparency, and Naehas helps provide that clarity. We are helping banks to wrap new capabilities around their cores without changing it," states Steve Dobrenski , Head of Global Partnerships at Naehas. "We are also excited to provide EMEA-based banks with a disclosure management solution in partnership with Itea P2B," the partnership leader continues.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Naehas by integrating our advanced billing capabilities into Naehas' customer experience banking platform with particular focus on the U.S. and Canada. Their exceptional financial solutions perfectly align with the needs of banks, complementing our own offerings. Together, we can now enhance the value we deliver to our clients twofold," Rasmus Beigler , CEO of Itea P2B, exclaims.

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About Naehas

Naehas is the leading financial services industry cloud for exceptional customer experiences. The company delivers personalized products, pricing, offers, disclosures, and customer communications faster and more efficiently while reducing risk. By providing solutions that support enterprise functions, including product management, marketing, compliance, and operations, its clients see a 70% reduction in cycle times and a 5x increase in targeted offers.


Itea P2B AB is a Swedish fintech product company offering an off-the-shelf product for centralizing the pricing and billing management functions across the bank. A true partner for the banks to address the challenges banks face today, its expertise comprises streamlining siloed product management, eliminating revenue leakage due to historic inefficiencies, minimizing turnaround time and cost for new product and price propositions, and boosting transparency.

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