Metro Cebu Water District Leadership Sees Resignation Amid Tensions

Cebu City - the officer-in-charge and general manager of the Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD), John Dx Lapid, resigned from his position on Tuesday, citing stress and the negative impact on his family due to ongoing internal conflicts. His resignation came swiftly, just four days after his appointment to the role, which was intended to replace the suspended general manager, Edgar Donoso.

According to Philippines News Agency, he was initially appointed on April 12, following the suspension of Donoso, who faced accusations of non-compliance with the directives of the Interim Board, including his refusal to surrender documents pertaining to the district's transactions. Lapid expressed his reluctance to be involved in political maneuvering within the organization and mentioned the adverse effects the situation has had on his personal well-being and family life. He also indicated a possible resignation from his permanent role as manager of the customer care division and has since taken a leave of absence.