The Minister of Home Affairs also informed on some specific guidelines applicable to Lion Dance events.


The event may be held at the grounds of the residential area of the School Governing Committee Members, Advisers, and prominent people in the Chinese community as well as at temple area. The Lion Dance can be held in school halls, closed halls which also include the association hall. However it is not permitted to be held in public places such as hotels, restaurants, shops and department stores.


In addition the lion dance events which were held in temples, school halls or closed halls, can be held in accordance with the Guidelines for Churches and Temples during the Early Endemic Phase with 75 percent of the total capacity of the respective temples and school halls. For further information or enquiries, the public may contact the Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Entertainment and Publication Control Division at 2223225 ext 335 or email to the Hyperlink website “” entertainment.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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