Mukim Sengkurong, Brunei - The villages of Kampung Tanjong Nangka and Kampung Lugu, located in Mukim Sengkurong, held elections for their respective village head candidates on January 28th. In Kampung Tanjong Nangka, 54-year-old Awang Rozan bin Haji Kaderi @ Haji Bujang stood as the sole candidate. The election was attended by a Member of the Legislative Council.

According Radio Television Brunei, the results will be forwarded to the Board of Appointments, Discipline, and Procedures for Mukim Penghulu and Village Heads at the Ministry of Home Affairs for further processing. Simultaneously, in Kampung Lugu and Katimahar, 39-year-old Abdul Hadi bin Haji Abdul Sani was the only candidate running for the village head position, with the presence of a Member of the Legislative Council being noted.

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