International Volunteer Day 2022

Volunteers play an important role in strengthening community relations. Volunteering is no longer seen as an activity to fill free time, but as a platform to spread the spirit of unity among the community. In a message in conjunction with International Volunteer Day 2022, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports also stated that the spread of COVID-19 has witnessed the spirit of unity from all walks of life in helping the government curb the spread of the pandemic. More than 10,000 volunteers from various agencies have provided their assistance, in the form of energy, material, and ideas through the Whole of Nation Approach.


As a continuous support to International Volunteer Day, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Nazmi bin HajiĀ  Mohamad explained the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has introduced an initiative to encourage the public in general as well as youths to be active in volunteering through the Day of Action Campaign. Since its introduction in 2015, almost one thousand activities under 9 clusters covering various fields have seen the involvement of some 20 thousand volunteers in the campaign. For 2022, the Main Launch of the Day of Action Campaign will be held on Sunday, 11th of December.


The Day of Action campaign is expected to strengthen and further spread the spirit and culture of volunteerism among the general public and the youth in particular. This was highlighted in the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2018, stating that volunteers play an important role in building a resilient society. It also coincides with Malay Islamic Monarchy values that emphasise the importance of team work among the community towards ensuring harmony in community life. This year’s celebration carries the theme ‘Solidarity Through Volunteering’.



Source: Radio Television Brunei