Initiatives to Address Flood

In the afternoon session, the council reviewed several issues among them the planning to mitigate the risk of floods in Tutong District raised by Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Mohamad Danial @ Tekpin bin Ya'akub. The Minister of Development explained that studies have been made to address the flood, resulting in the implementation of several flood mitigation projects.

The Ministry of Development has implemented a number of flood mitigation projects by building a flood retention pond and constructing drainage pump through the 11th National Development Plan. The projects have shown a positive impact, in which since 2019, the number of floods had reduced at the said areas. Yang Berhormat added there are two flood retention ponds that are still in construction at the catchment area nearby Sungai Padang and Sungai Kiudang, and is scheduled to complete in 2024.

Source: Radio Television Brunei