Iloilo City Initiates Water Rationing for 72,000 Households

ILOILO CITY — Approximately 72,000 households across 180 barangays in Iloilo City will begin receiving city-procured water through the 'Oplan Bulig Tubig Sa Syudad' initiative starting Wednesday. This program aims to manage the city's water supply effectively amid ongoing shortages.

According to Philippines News Agency, head of the General Services Office (GSO), partnerships with Metro Pacific Iloilo Water and South Balibago Waterworks have been established to set the water flow necessary for the full implementation of the rationing plan starting tomorrow. The water distribution, which includes donations from the private sector and volunteer groups, is planned to complement the rationing strategy. Each district, including Arevalo and Molo, Jaro, La Paz, Lapuz, Mandurriao, and City Proper, will receive targeted water deliveries from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, aiming for 500,000 liters per day, though calculations suggest a need for 696.9 cubic meters daily. Additionally, local barangays have been urged to secure static tanks to facilitate this daily water delivery over the next three months.