DOST Forms Partnership with Leyte Traders to Boost Local MSMEs with New Technologies

TACLOBAN—The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has partnered with the business community in Leyte to advance the adoption of new technologies by micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This collaboration aims to enhance local businesses through technological innovation.

According to Philippines News Agency, officer-in-charge of the DOST Eastern Visayas regional office, the initiative began with the signing of a memorandum of agreement at the Seafood and Ribs Warehouse in Tacloban on Monday. Mengote highlighted that 38 technologies have been identified for potential adoption by local businesses, focusing on a wide range of applications from agriculture to disaster readiness.

The technologies set for promotion include advancements in cacao bean and chocolate processing, ready-to-eat meals such as chicken arroz caldo, and cassava processing. Health supplements, dried fruit flakes, and ready-to-drink beverages derived from mung bean and coconut are also on the list. Additionally, the program covers packaging technologies for roasted pig, production enhancements for abaca, and growth promoters for carrageenan plants.

Moreover, the agreement includes the adoption of technologies for disaster management, such as flood early warning systems, automatic rain gauge stations, tsunami warning systems, water level monitoring, automated weather stations, remote sensing, and data science.

These technologies will be featured at the 2024 Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (RSTW), scheduled for June 25-27. The DOST and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Tacloban-Leyte chapters have committed to promoting the RSTW through their networks and communication channels, aiming to increase participation and visibility for the event.

Jonathan Calvara, secretary of PCCI Tacloban-Leyte, emphasized the significance of this partnership in linking local producers and businesses with DOST to maximize market opportunities for local products and support small enterprises in the region.

This year’s RSTW theme, “Bluer and Smarter Eastern Visayas: DOST providing solutions and opening opportunities,” will focus on the blue economy—an approach that promotes sustainable management of oceanic and other maritime resources. The event will also showcase technologies at the People’s Center and Library that are aligned with this theme, aiming to raise awareness among students and the community about conserving marine resources for economic and environmental benefits.

DOST regional officer Ramil Uy noted that the celebration will highlight existing projects supported by DOST, including enhanced processing systems for mussels and sardines, as well as initiatives for mangrove replanting and protection.