Ilocos Region Implements Alternative Learning Due to Heat, Ensures Education Continuity

ILOCOS REGION – The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Ilocos Region has adopted the alternative delivery mode (ADM) for education due to the rising heat index, ensuring that the transition will not disrupt the academic calendar.

According to Philippines News Agency, who spoke on Friday, the ADM’s integration is a strategic response to ensure uninterrupted learning despite the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. This initiative aligns with a 2022 advisory from DepEd’s central office, which provides a framework for shifting to online or modular learning in response to severe heat or other calamities. Aquino emphasized that classes conducted under ADM would be officially recognized within the school year, concluding on May 31.

In practice, some schools have adjusted their schedules to suspend in-person classes during peak heat periods, particularly in the afternoon. The decision to move to ADM or suspend classes varies across localities, with some opting for daily suspensions and others extending the break up to a week, based on meteorological predictions.

Dr. Aquino highlighted the department’s commitment to maintaining educational quality while prioritizing student and staff welfare, assuring parents that all necessary measures are in place to safeguard the learning process and the health of all participants.