Quezon City, Philippines - Misinformation is a significant challenge facing Filipino students pursuing education abroad, leading to unmet expectations and academic difficulties. Jose Miguel Habana, director of IDP Education Philippines, emphasized this issue during a press briefing at the IDP office in Quezon City on Wednesday.

According to Philippines News Agency, students often face challenges such as course mismatch, climate and cultural adjustment issues, and struggles with work-study balance. IDP Education Philippines, an Australian-listed company, operates in over 80 countries and provides international education services. Habana, who has children studying abroad, shared insights into the common difficulties Filipino students encounter overseas.

IDP Education Ltd.'s research indicates that approximately 53,000 Filipino students are studying in the top five destination countries - Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland. The market for Filipino students abroad is growing annually by 8 to 13 percent. Maria Cecilia Mundo, sales and operations head at IDP Education Philippines, noted a rising interest in international studies among Filipino students, driven by the prospect of work opportunities abroad and the desire to support their families.

Mundo pointed out that many Filipinos seek quality education, including courses not available locally. Popular fields of study include business and management, health and allied courses, information technology, data analytics, hospitality and tourism, engineering, age care, early childhood, creative arts, and game design. She mentioned that around 60 percent of Filipinos studying abroad are pursuing post-graduate studies.

While specific figures were not provided, Mundo indicated that the number of IDP Education Philippines' students completing international studies and securing jobs abroad is increasing annually. Habana expressed satisfaction in seeing IDP alumni thrive and noted that many of their referrals come from satisfied students.

IDP Education Philippines offers free counseling and webinars to align students' career goals with the appropriate academic institution, course, and country. The company does not charge upfront fees and earns commissions once students enroll in their chosen institutions. They also provide support for students to adapt to their new environments and offer information on academic scholarships.

On November 15, IDP Education Philippines opened a new office in Quezon City, which includes a free study abroad service center and an international English Language Testing System test center. This addition marks the 8th IDP student placement office and the 15th IELTS Computer test center in the country.

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