Hivelocity Acquires Heficed

Global Presence Expansion Across 6 Continents and New Product Offering for Clients

Hivelocity acquires Heficed

LONDON, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IPXO UK Limited, the world’s biggest fully automated IP lease & monetization platform, announces that its subsidiary Heficed, an established network infrastructure solutions and cloud provider based in the UK, has been acquired by Hivelocity, Inc., one of the world’s leading infrastructure providers.

During the acquisition, Heficed, its customers, select employees and nine data centers will become an integral part of the Hivelocity brand.

According to Vincentas Grinius, Heficed’s co-founder, the sale of the company was carefully planned and strategized: “We were very selective about who would acquire the Heficed platform, and we are confident that Hivelocity was the right fit.”

For Hivelocity, Heficed’s acquisition offers a great opportunity to expand its presence with data centers in more locations – including Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria – and to strengthen its existing positions in the US, UK, Italian and German markets. Hivelocity also intends to fully integrate Heficed’s Virtual Server product and will offer virtual servers alongside its bare metal offerings.

Bare metal cloud giant secures its global presence 

Mike Architetto, CEO and co-founder of Hivelocity, stated that the acquisition provides exciting opportunities for the company’s clients, both current and prospective: “Our infrastructure services will now reach even broader markets combining Heficed’s data center locations with our own worldwide network of data centers and premium bare metal hosting.”

The acquisition will significantly benefit the existing Heficed customers, who will be able to enjoy access to more features and a wider network of data centers spanning across six continents.

The acquisition broadens the horizon of possibilities for both Hivelocity and Heficed 

Heficed actively planned and prepared for the acquisition throughout 2022, but the decision to sell the company solidified in 2021 with the launch of IPXO.

“IPXO emerged from Heficed’s IP Address Market solution and is now expanding into a comprehensive Internet Protocol platform once we witnessed huge gaps in IPv4 shortage and poor IP management,” stated Grinius, CEO at IPXO. “We have gone a long way in developing a completely new industry, in which IPXO plays a major role, as well as managing the Heficed acquisition deal and finally finding an excellent acquisition company.”

The IPXO’s mission is to create a more sustainable internet by developing a platform that delivers solutions around the Internet Protocol to address security, shortage and accountability concerns. In 2022, IPXO transferred 1.7 million IPv4 addresses from Heficed’s IP Address Market to the newly established IPXO Marketplace, making it the world’s largest automated IP lease and monetization platform with over three million IPs in total.

As a carrier-neutral services provider, IPXO aims to build an ecosystem that other infrastructure providers and telcos can benefit from. Ultimately, with focus shifting on evolving into an all-in-one Internet Protocol platform, selling Heficed was a natural strategic decision.

“This is an exciting announcement for us, and we believe the acquisition will yield extensive benefits for our suppliers and customers while ensuring continuous growth and even stronger relationships with business partners,” noted Grinius.

Once the acquisition is complete, Heficed will continue operating as usual, and Hivelocity will continue supporting customers with new features and professional assistance.

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Heficed, an established network infrastructure solutions and cloud provider based in the UK, has been acquired by Hivelocity, Inc., one of the world’s leading infrastructure providers

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