Handicraft made from Clay

Touching on creativity is certainly not as easy as imagined. Searching for materials, finding new ideas and experimenting various ways to fulfil orders, certainly challenges entrepreneurs. However, the effort will not be in vain when the results of a work get recognition from the public.


Starting as a hobby, ‘Teatime Crafts’ is now well-known by handicraft enthusiasts. Established in 2012, Teatime Crafts’, a home-based business selling a wide variety of handicrafts made from clay. The miniatures are made of high quality polymer clay and Japanese clay capable of producing miniature figurines and accessories. Teatime Crafts’ now develops various types of handicrafts such as embroidery and carving.


The handicraft workshop also offers to those interested in various crafts at a price of around $20 to $150. Workshop is usually conducted during ‘pop up’ sales or at the customer’s request.



Source: Radio Television Brunei