PARAÑAQUE CITY — President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. highlighted the economic and tourism potential of the newly inaugurated Grand Westside Hotel in Parañaque City, describing it as the largest hotel development in the country to date. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Megaworld-owned establishment, Marcos emphasized the hotel’s capacity to enhance the government’s tourism campaign and create significant job and business opportunities for Filipinos.

According to Philippines News Agency, the 19-story hotel, which features over 1,500 rooms, is a vital addition to the Philippine tourism sector, which contributed 8.6 percent to the country’s gross domestic product in 2023. “Thanks to this hotel, we can do more. Not only can we accommodate the resurging number of local and international tourists coming to this side of Metro Manila, but we can also expect our Entertainment City to become better known and even more distinguished, elevating its status to more potential visitors in the coming years,” he stated.

Marcos disclosed that additional developments from Megaworld are underway, including the 1,500-seater Grand Opera House, more theaters, and a gaming complex, all located in Parañaque. He noted that these projects would further stimulate tourism and economic growth, generating approximately 20,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout the hotel’s operation in the coming years.

The President expressed optimism about Megaworld’s future successes and their contribution to the development of the Philippines. “Indeed, all of us share the desire to raise sustainable, complete, and well-rounded communities that even the next generations can enjoy. With the seal of quality stamped wherever the name Megaworld appears — be it condominiums, malls, or office buildings — I’m confident in the lasting and powerful outcome of your work and these collaborations,” Marcos said.

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