Digitalisation of Electricity and Water Services

Implementation of the Unified Smart Metering System Project, USMS makes it easier for electricity and water users to top up credit without physical card and manual key-in. The method can be done online via phone and retail shops in the future. The replacement of the meter is currently carried out by DST Network Sendirian Berhad.


The replacement and installation of smart meters is carried out by the company’s internal contractors who are qualified and pass certification according to installation standards from the Department of Electrical Services and Department of Water Services. Apart from that, DST Network also uses the services of external contractors that are certified and pass installation standards. The USMS platform is access to the digitisation of electricity and water services in one module.


The implementation of USMS provides a new experience to the users of both utilities with both being accessible online. In the next five years, DST Network Sendirian Berhad aims to replace meters to over 250 thousand units of houses, government and commercial buildings nationwide.



Source: Radio Television Brunei