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DepEd-Calabarzon Adopts Virtual Learning Amid High Heat Concerns

CALABARZON – Following the surge in temperatures across the region, the Department of Education in Calabarzon (DepEd-4A) has mandated a shift to virtual classes starting Wednesday, a move aimed at protecting students and teachers from the risks associated with the current heatwave.

According to Philippines News Agency, Regional Memorandum No. 233 Series of 2024, issued on Monday, is a proactive measure in response to temperatures reaching the 40-degree Celsius mark. The memorandum underscores the health imperatives behind the decision, prioritizing the well-being of the educational community amidst escalating heat levels.

The directive establishes a 40-degree Celsius benchmark as the critical point for suspending in-person classes in favor of Modular Distance Learning (MDL). Escobarte emphasized the authority vested in school heads to preemptively transition to MDL should the temperatures approach this threshold, ensuring that the health risks posed by the heat are mitigated effectively.

Furthermore, the memorandum delineates additional preventive strategies to be implemented, including the initiation of classes at cooler, earlier hours, curtailment of outdoor activities, and strategic collaboration with local government units to formulate emergency response mechanisms. These measures are complemented by an emphasis on ensuring schools have access to essential support and resources, tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of their respective localities.

This decisive action by DepEd-Calabarzon reflects a broader commitment to safeguarding the educational environment against adverse climatic conditions, ensuring that the academic process continues without compromising health and safety.