‘Datang Saja Tanpa Diundang’ Open House Tradition Celebrates Community and Sharing

As Syawal enters its second week, the tradition of open houses continues to foster community spirit and family ties. One notable practice, ‘Datang Saja Tanpa Diundang’ or ‘Just Come Without Invitation,’ highlights this season’s communal gatherings. This open house concept, embraced by residents such as Awang Haji Jahri alias Azahari bin Awang Gamok, aged 73, allows for a spontaneous and inclusive celebration.

According to Radio Television Brunei, This approach to the open house not only facilitates a generous sharing of sustenance and joy but also aims to garner blessings, according to Awang Haji Jahri. He emphasizes that this tradition enhances family bonds and fosters a harmonious atmosphere among relatives, close friends, and neighbors, embodying the spirit of togetherness that is central to the festivities.