The Postal Services Department shared on the collection of Driving and Vehicle Licenses through Postal Services Department branches which started on the 24th of August for applicants who choose to collect at the branches. According to Awang Haji Aminuddin Bin Haji Muhd Taib, Acting Postmaster General, among the branches for the purpose of collection were the Rimba Post Office for Brunei Muara District, Telisai Post Office for Tutong District, Kuala Belait-Mumong Post Office for Belait District and Bangar Post Office for Temburong District.


The procedure for collection of Driving and vehicle Licenses through the Postal services Department is, firstly the driving and vehicle licenses that have been fully processed by the Land Transport Department, LTD will be sent to the Mail Processing Centre in Berakas. Customers will then be contacted by the LTD by phone to ensure the information and mailing address are correct. The checked driving and vehicle licenses will be sent to the post office branches according to the catchment area for the hand over process. Only listed customers that have been contacted can collect the driving and vehicle licenses. Customers are also urged to cooperate when collecting their driving and vehicle licenses at the stipulated times. The Rimba, telisai, bangar and Mumong Post Office branches will hand over the driving and vehicle licenses to contacted customers according to the set SOPs. Any driving and vehicle licenses that were not handed over for specific reasons will be returned to the LTD for further action.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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