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CHED Highlights Internationalization of Philippine Universities at EURIE Summit in IstanbulDepEd-Central Visayas Urges Formal Complaints Over Social Media Posts Against Abusive Teachers

ISTANBUL - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) emphasized the importance of enhancing the internationalization of higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines during the 9th annual EURASIA Higher Education (EURIE) Summit.

According to Philippines News Agency, who delivered a keynote speech at the event held in Istanbul, Turkey, Philippine universities have been actively pursuing internationalization since 2016 as a means to elevate educational quality and produce graduates who are both locally responsive and globally competitive.

De Vera highlighted the significant progress made in the international recognition of Philippine HEIs, noting that participation in the Times Higher Education (THE) impact ranking has surged from a single HEI in 2019 to 60 HEIs. This growth underscores the country's commitment to global educational standards and its efforts to showcase the capabilities of its higher education sector on the international stage.

The Philippine government, De Vera mentioned, is now prioritizing fields such as science and technology, agriculture, medicine, and allied health sciences. Additionally, efforts are being made to promote university-industry linkages that ensure graduates possess skills that match industry needs. This strategic focus aligns with President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.'s directive to continuously enhance the quality of higher education institutions in the Philippines.

De Vera also expressed the country's interest in expanding bilateral relations with Turkey in the higher education sector and invited delegates from other countries to explore partnership opportunities with the Philippines. He emphasized the importance of addressing challenges that hinder access to higher education for marginalized groups, including the impacts of war and conflict, the digital divide, and global and regional disparities.

The EURIE Summit, themed Building Global Connections, serves as a platform for higher education leaders to discuss and forge international collaborations. The 2024 summit will continue to host discussions and workshops until Thursday. Representing the Philippines, CHED, along with six university presidents, participated in the delegation, showcasing the country's dedication to strengthening its higher education institutions through international cooperation.

CEBU CITY - The Department of Education in Central Visayas (DepEd-7) has called on parents to lodge formal complaints against abusive teachers through the department's Child Protection Unit, rather than turning to social media platforms.

According to Philippines News Agency, who spoke at a forum on Tuesday, actions taken in response to incidents of abuse or maltreatment should prioritize the best interests of the learners involved.

Jimenez highlighted that DepEd Order 49 outlines the official procedure for investigating reports of abuse by teachers. He expressed concern that airing grievances on social media could potentially complicate the investigation process and impede the pursuit of truth. "We never tolerated abuses. We already have cases wherein teachers were sanctioned because of their actions. Corporal punishment is certainly not allowed," Jimenez stated, emphasizing the department's stance on maintaining a safe and supportive educational environment.

The call to action from DepEd-7 follows the virality of a video on Facebook depicting a boy being maltreated by a teacher, allegedly uploaded by the child's mother. Jimenez stressed the importance of considering the impact such public disclosures may have on the affected learner and advocated for a formal investigation process that ensures the child's welfare.

Jimenez also reminded educators of the importance of self-control and adherence to the law when disciplining students. "While we understand how passionate teachers are in their role to teach and discipline the learners, we keep on reminding them that we need also to have that control, especially in our emotions because we have a law to follow," he added.

The regional director confirmed that the case is currently under investigation, noting that preliminary reports have been received even though the parent who posted the controversial video has yet to file a formal complaint.