Cebu City Advocates for New Ramp to Connect Local Villages to CCLEX

CEBU CITY — Mayor Michael Rama is actively advocating for the construction of a new access ramp linking three interior villages of Cebu City to the Cebu-Cordova Link Express (CCLEX), which aims to enhance connectivity and reduce travel times.

According to Philippines News Agency, head of the Cebu City Planning and Development Office, the proposed ramp project has received positive feedback from residents of the villages, who view it as essential for easier access to the town of Cordova. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) plans to support the ramp with additional road widening projects along Tres de Abril Street and connections to major avenues, which will further integrate these areas with the broader transportation network.

Espina noted that the DPWH is currently conducting a parcellary survey to determine the impact on the national road by the proposed ramp. Meanwhile, CCLEX Corp., the developer and operator of the expressway, is engaging with the communities of Pasil, Pahina-San Nicolas, and Ermita through public consultations to discuss the ramp’s trajectory and benefits.

The project, initially budgeted at PHP3 billion, has seen an increase in allocated funds to PHP6 billion by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corp., reflecting the scale and importance of this infrastructure development. This ramp is expected to cut travel time to Mactan Island by 40 minutes, significantly benefiting local commuters and the economic activities in the region.