MANILA – During a televised briefing on Wednesday, a senior official from the Climate Change Commission (CCC) emphasized the essential role of the media in enhancing public awareness and preparedness for climate change.

According to Philippines News Agency, who spoke at the Bagong Pilipinas Ngayon briefing, the media is pivotal not only in a democratic society but also in educating and empowering the public about climate change. "Journalism can amplify critical issues, helping both the public and institutions to better understand the impacts of climate change," Borje stated. He highlighted the importance of knowledge, understanding, preparedness, and compliance as fundamental aspects as societies navigate the challenges posed by climate changes.

Borje also pointed out that adaptation efforts, which require significant investments and science-based decisions, are areas where media coverage can contribute positively. The media's involvement extends to influencing policy-making by informing the public about what preparations can be made at the local level, such as implementing rainwater catchment systems and promoting adaptive agriculture and urban farming.

Further emphasizing the importance of scientific literacy, Borje encouraged the public not to shy away from science and technology, which are crucial in identifying viable solutions to climate issues. He underscored the media's role in making science accessible and understandable to the general public.

Borje also noted the significance of stakeholders' testimonies in communicating the real impacts and successful responses to climate change. "Real stories about the challenges faced and the successes achieved provide not only hope but also practical solutions to others," he added.

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