Canlaon City Farmers Appeal for Government Support to Boost Coffee Production

CANLAON CITY, Negros Oriental - Farmers in Canlaon City are seeking assistance from local and provincial government bodies to enhance their coffee production capabilities. Eric Eleccion, chair of the Mag-uumang Lumad sa Barangay Masulog-Bukidnon Tribe, highlighted the challenges faced by the community, particularly the instability in securing consistent buyers for their coffee beans, which has resulted in low selling prices of PHP20 per kilo.

According to Philippines News Agency, 20 farmers from three different associations attended the Farm-to-Cup Seminar at Sidlakang Negros Village. The seminar aimed to educate participants on improving coffee production through proper planting, harvesting, and processing techniques. Despite the potential for higher income, many farmers have shifted to vegetable cultivation due to quicker returns and the destruction of coffee crops by Typhoon Odette in December 2021.

Teodoro Mission, 52, chair of the Malaiba Agro-Forestry Farmers and Workers Association, expressed optimism that the knowledge gained from the seminar would enable them to increase their coffee production. He also noted the higher market value for Arabica coffee beans, which can fetch between PHP500 to PHP800 a kilo.

The seminar also covered various aspects of coffee production, including microclimate management, bean drying, and roasting techniques. Lanz Mirondo, a local coffee business owner, offered to purchase beans from the farmers, provided they meet his quality standards.

Canlaon City Councilor Angel Amador Soliva, responsible for the Committee on Tourism, Culture and Arts, Family, and Children, acknowledged the city’s potential for coffee production and the need to diversify agricultural products to enhance farmers' incomes in the face of climate change challenges.