Bulacan Town Ensures Social Security for Over 800 Job Order Workers

BOCAUE, Bulacan — More than 800 job order workers in the municipal government of Bocaue will now benefit from social security coverage thanks to a new initiative. The Social Security System (SSS) and the local government unit (LGU) of Bocaue signed a memorandum of agreement on Monday, integrating these workers into the KaSSSangga Collect Program (KCP).

According to Philippines News Agency, the agreement highlights the commitment of both SSS and the Bocaue LGU to extend social security benefits to non-plantilla government employees, who typically do not qualify for Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) coverage. This initiative marks a significant step in providing essential social protections to this vulnerable group.

Under the terms of the MOA, the Bocaue LGU will act as an authorized collecting partner, responsible for deducting monthly social security and employee compensation contributions directly from the salaries of job order workers. These contributions will then be remitted to the SSS, ensuring that workers are enrolled as self-employed members of the system.

Additionally, the SSS plans to facilitate onsite registration and conduct information seminars for all eligible job order personnel. These sessions aim to educate workers about the benefits of maintaining active SSS membership and how to make the most of the various benefits and privileges available.

Mayor Eduardo Villanueva Jr. of Bocaue expressed optimism about the partnership, emphasizing its importance for the welfare of job order workers and their families. He also encouraged all permanent employees of the LGU to continue their contributions to the SSS as voluntary members, allowing them to tailor their contributions according to their individual preferences.