More than 20 religious teachers from the Religious Special Education Unit and the Special Education Unit took part in the Braille, Orientation and Mobility Workshop 2019 which has entered its seventh day, aimed at providing exposure on the use of Braille by differently-abled persons, OKU.

The workshop’s participants are taught to write jawi letters not according to arrangement and to feel the braille jawi letters not according to arrangement. The participants were also tested on the braille jawi letters not according to arrangement while being blindfolded so that they can feel what the OKU’s go through and at the same time focusing on what they are experiencing.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the workshop continued with a learning session with the parents and sight-impaired students. The learning session delivered by the teaching force from the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Health, not only enhances awareness among society but also exposes parents to the use of Braille alphabet.

Source: Radio Television Brunei