Benguet Provincial Government Urged to Recognize Mining Sites as Heritage Areas

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet — The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has called on the provincial government of Benguet to include mining sites in their cultural heritage mapping efforts. NHCP Secretary General Dr. Ivan Anthony Henares emphasized the significant role mining has played in the region's history and economy during his speech at the awarding ceremony of the Benguet Indigenous Youth Arts Guild (BIYAG) held at the provincial capitol on Monday.

According to Philippines News Agency, recognizing these sites could help preserve structures from the colonial period that might be repurposed into tourism attractions, similar to practices in other countries. This inclusion not only aims to protect these areas but also potentially generate revenue, aiding in their preservation. He highlighted that identifying and maintaining historical sites are key to sustainable development, insisting on the importance of not compromising cultural and environmental integrity.

Henares further noted the advantages brought by the Cultural Mapping Law, which allows for government funds to be allocated for the conservation and protection of historical sites, even those privately owned. He underscored the practicality of preservation over removal, given the durable nature of many historical structures.