Bedanu Festival 2023 Launched in Tutong District as Part of Brunei December Festival

Tutong District, Brunei – The Bedanu Festival 2023, an event under the Brunei December Festival, was inaugurated on the morning of 10th December at Wasai Bedanu Recreational Park in the Tutong District. The festival, organized by the Kampung Kiudang and Padnunok Consultative Council, aims to foster community engagement and economic growth.

According to Radio Television Brunei, Awang Mohammad Sofian bin Haji Basri, the Acting Tutong District Officer, officiated the festival’s launch. The event is part of the Wasai Bedanu Recreational Park Eco-tourism Transformation Plan, designed to boost local socioeconomics through eco-tourism, entrepreneurship, and social community events. Highlights included village bazaars, cultural exhibitions, family games, and the 3-hour Bedanu Trail Challenge, with prize presentations for six categories.