Baguio Unveils Largest Mural to Celebrate Filipino-Chinese Friendship

Baguio – The Filipino-Chinese community in Baguio, in collaboration with local artists, unveiled the city’s largest mural on Wednesday.

According to Philippines News Agency, president of the Filipino-Chinese community executive committee, the mural, which measures 200 feet by 14 feet, is located along the road linking the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center rotunda to Burnham Park. The project, completed over 11 months, aims to foster greater understanding between the Filipino and Chinese residents of the area.

The initiative started in June 2023, aligning with the city’s celebrations of Filipino-Chinese Day and its designation as a UNESCO creative city for crafts and folk arts, a title Baguio received on October 31, 2017. Councilor Leandro Yangot, who initiated the collaboration, highlighted the dual focus on supporting local arts through sponsorships for painting classes and the mural project itself. The mural features cultural symbols of both the Cordillera people and the Chinese, reflecting a blend of shared histories and cultures.

Visual artist Chino Chow, who led the design team, noted the community involvement in the mural’s creation, with many locals and tourists spontaneously contributing to the painting. Retired government executive Venus Tan, instrumental in Baguio’s UNESCO recognition, expressed pride in the collaborative effort and hoped for more such public art installations in the city to showcase its rich artistic heritage.