Bacolod City Ensures Acceptance of Out-of-Town PWD Cards Without QR Codes

BACOLOD, Philippines — The city government of Bacolod has issued a directive to local businesses to accept persons with disability (PWD) identification cards issued by other local government units, even if they lack the city’s new QR code feature. This decision aims to facilitate access to entitlements for non-resident PWDs visiting the city.

According to Philippines News Agency, officer-in-charge of the Department of Social Services and Development (DSSD), this measure specifically benefits PWDs who reside in Negros Occidental and shop in Bacolod. “Those from Negros Occidental, who come to Bacolod to purchase goods, can continue to avail of the 20 percent discount. Their PWD cards will still be honored here,” Gustilo stated. The new policy, which mandates QR codes on PWD IDs for Bacolod residents, took effect on May 1, aiming to streamline the verification process and prevent the misuse of these cards.

The DSSD has issued over 7,000 new PWD IDs with QR codes to city residents as part of a broader effort initiated in February by Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez. This effort involved recalling all existing PWD IDs to ensure data security and compliance with updated regulations, as well as to address issues such as the indiscriminate issuance of IDs. In Executive Order 010, series of 2024, Benitez outlined measures including the addition of QR codes and other security features to combat the proliferation of fake PWD IDs and align the city’s practices with national regulations.

Mayor Benitez emphasized that these changes are crucial for enhancing the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of the ID issuance process, ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the support and services to which they are legally entitled, and eliminating improper issuance of PWD IDs.