Albay Celebrates Culinary Heritage with ‘Hapag ng Pamana’ Food Festival

ALBAY - The "Hapag ng Pamana" Food Festival kicked off on Monday at the Albay Astrodome, featuring an array of famous local delicacies as part of the province's Filipino Food Month celebrations.

According to Philippines News Agency, chief of the Albay Provincial Tourism Culture and Arts Office, the festival, themed "Kalutong Filipino, Lakas ng Kabataang Makabago," aims to bolster food tourism and celebrate the culinary identity of Albay.

The festival is a collaborative effort with the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) to engage the youth in appreciating and sustaining slow food traditions. Over the two-day event, at least 200 culinary students from local schools participated in a symposium on Albay's culinary heritage and a series of cooking demonstrations. These sessions highlighted local dishes and delicacies such as Bicol express, tinuktok, kaloko, tagbakon langka, and sinangkutsa na manok.

Colle emphasized the event's goal to integrate Albay’s unique culinary culture with its tourist attractions, enhancing the educational experience for local culinary students about the importance of preserving regional cuisines. Rhea Lyn Dela Cruz, an NCCA project officer, also noted the festival's role in safeguarding the rich gastronomic heritage of Albay, a province celebrated for its diverse culinary offerings.