The Department of Trade and Industry-Bicol (DTI-5) has profiled 578 rice retailers affected by Executive Order (EO) No. 39 which mandates price ceilings in markets and grocery stores. On Monday, DTI-Bicol Regional Director Dindo Nabol said that based on their monitoring and inspections, there are 578 rice retailers qualified for government assistance through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) but they must still undergo verification. "We conduct cleansing kasi may mga duplication (because there are duplicates). Let's say Mr. X, has so many branches, but the assistance for him will only be one. After cleansing, we will also compare it with the Business, Permit and Licensing System of the different local government units if what we monitored are existing," Nabol said in an interview. He said their price monitoring on the price cap showed no violators in the region so far. 'Lahat na compliant (all are compliant) with the price ceiling of PHP41 per kg. for regular milled rice and PHP45 per k g. for well-milled rice. Kasi kung hindi sila (If they are not) compliant, they cannot receive the financial assistance," Nabol added. The Albay provincial government recently activated its Price Coordinating Council, as ordered by the Department of the Interior and Local Government for every city, province and municipality. 'They will help us in implementing the provision of EO 39," he said. Nabol said they are required to submit daily reports to their central office on the status of rice cap ceilings and the retailers' compliance

Source: Philippines News Agency

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