Ramadhan, Islam’s holiest month is longed for by all faithful and pious Muslims. It was in Ramadhan that Allah the Almighty decreed for Muslims to fast during the day and perform the commendable Tarawih prayers during the night. During Ramadhan, Muslims in Brunei Darussalam fill the mosques, surau and prayer halls to perform the advocated acts of worship and reap the promised rewards which are different from those in other months. The RTB crew covered Muslims in Brunei Darussalam performing the Tarawih prayes at several mosques and surau.

Ramadhan offers many benefits and rewards to Muslims who seek happiness in both this world and the Hereafter. Every night, the mosques, surau and religious halls become more lively and glorified. After a year of deep longing for Ramadhan and all the acts of worship and blessings that exist only in the holy month, men, women, young and old and even small children throng the places of worship to perform Tarawih, Tadarus and the qiamulail or night vigil.

Now that Ramadhan is back, Muslims take the opportunity to perform the religious deeds which are synonym with the holy month. The sound of Tarawih prayers and Tadarus echo from the mosques, surau and religious halls. Tarawih prayers can also be performed alone or in congregation even at home, after the Isya’ prayer. Tarawih is not obligatory but the blessings and rewards are abundant. Tarawih is only performed in Ramadhan and all Muslims are encouraged to perform it because Allah the Most Sublime promises special blessings and rewards to the people who perform Tarawih prayers.

Another religious deed of significance in Ramadhan is the Tadarus Al-Quran. When the holy month arrives, various parties organise Tadarus Al-Quran at the mosques or homes to glorify the reading of the Holy Book of Islam. Apart from endearing one to Allah the Almighty, the blessed month also offers an opportunity to read Al-Quran more, including completing the reading of 30 Chapters of Al-Quran.

There are many secret blessings and rewards in this month of forgiveness or pardon. Al-Quran mentions many benefits of Ramadhan including acts of worship will be given multiple rewards. Each good deed or act is rewarded tenfold, even up to 700 fold. Alllah the Almighty also grants the prayer or supplication of people who fast in Ramadhan.

The obligatory fasting in Ramadhan is the best arena for enhancing one’s piety for facing life’s challenges when Ramadhan leaves and also as an afterlife investment when one faces Allah the Mighty Creator. The hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sallullahu Alaihi Wasallam says “Verily, one who fasts in Ramadhan with true faith and hopes for Allah’s acceptance, his or her past sins are forgiven.”

Source: Radio Television Brunei