The Brunei Muslim Religious Council, MUIB through the Tithe Recipient Capacity Building Programme (PROPAZ) will continue to be proactive in diversifying methods to improve the recipients' skills, especially the PROPAZ participants, to reduce the number of poor families and help them achieve better living standards and sufficiency. In a related measure, the MUIB through PROPAZ, has selected Awang Abdul Hafeez bin Awang Mohammad and Muhammad Shah Bidin bin Jumat to train at the Baitulmal Skills Institute of the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council in Malaysia. Yesterday morning, the documents of Receiving the Tithe Fund and Agreement To Study were signed between PROPAZ and the selected participants at Dewan Teratai of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The signings were witnessed by Awang Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sabtu, the Acting Secretary of MUIB. Awang Abdul Hafeez and Muhammad Shah Bidin are Zakat or tithe recipients who are participants of PROPAZ. This is the second time the two tithe recipients from PROPAZ are attending a fulltime 12 months training. They will be taking up Arts and Designing Courses.

After completing the courses, the skills would be used in their occupations and towards achieving a better life. Awang Abdul Hafeez and Muhammad Shah Bidin explained this during interviews with RTB News.

Source: Radio Television Brunei