The Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Girls Arabic Religious Secondary School with their product a Sayif songkok - 'Ahsanul Qolansuah' emerged champion of the Final Brunei Entrepreneurship Education Scheme Convention, BEES 2-point-zero. The competition jointly organised by the Ministry of Education, the Brunei Shell Petroleum Sendirian Berhad and Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD, took place yesterday morning at Hua Ho Manggis Mall.

Six schools competed in the final. The BEES 2-point-zero program is a program that aims to instil and enhance entrepreneurial thinking as well as skills among secondary school students, by using systematic approaches that highlights three important elements namely, entrepreneurial thinking, knowledge on entrepreneurship, and pragmatism in innovation and sustainability.

Prizes were presented by Doctor Shamsiah Zuraini Kanchanawati binti Haji Tajuddin, Permanent Secretary for Core Education at the Ministry of Education. Second place went to the Sports School with their product 'dashtag', followed by Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School with its 'Vespac Ultra' product.

Source: Radio Television Brunei