Brunei Darussalam will be participating in the 14th Edition of Mohammed the VI (Six) International Award Al-Quran Reading Musabaqah in Qiraat, Tajwid and Interpretation of The Holy Quran. The country’s participant, 15-year old, Awang Muhammad Azib bin Muhammad Azim is participating in the Memorising of 2 and a half Juzuk of Al-Quran with Tajwid Category that will be held this Wednesday in Rabat, Morocco.

Awang Muhammad Azib, Year 9 student at the Sultan Haji Hassanal BolkiahTahfiz Al-Qur’an Institute, was a champion in the Musabaqah Tilawah Al-Quran of the Junior Al-Quran Tilawah Scheme 2017 and participant of the National Finals of Al-Quran Reading Musabaqah and its Memorisation and Understanding 1439/2018. The delegation consists of Awang Mohd Sujairi bin Haji Dollah, Acting Principal of Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Tahfiz Al-Qur’an Institute as the Head of Delegation and Trainer.

Source: Radio Television Brunei