The Brunei Darussalam National Road Safety Council, MKKJR continued its road safety dissemination program through the Youth Outreach Program which targets students. The program for Higher Education Institutions, Sixth Form Centres and schools is another of the MKKJR's initiative to disseminate road safety to youths, especially students who will be getting their driving licences after completing their studies this year. The campaign, in the form of a forum and dialogue, aims to increase awareness among youths and prepare them on safe driving on the road through the forum entitled "Are You Ready To Be On The Road?". The program was held at the Meragang Sixth Form Centre yesterday afternoon.

The briefing was delivered by Yang Berhormat Awang Iswandy bin Ahmad, Member of the Legislative Council as a member and Ambassador of MKKJR and Doctor Awang Haji Supry bin Haji Awang Ladi, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications as the Secretary of MKKJR. The program among others touched on the aspects of safe driving and the importance of adhering to road traffic laws, driving within the set speed limit, wearing safety belts while driving or being passengers, ensuring vehicles are road worthy, not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and respecting other road users. To prepare youths at higher education institutions who will be getting their driving licences in the near future, the program is hoped to impart knowledge and increase awareness on the importance of prudent driving and being disciplined and considerate while on the road.

Source:: Radio Television Brunei