In other development, Darussalam Holding Sendirian Berhad, DHSB, has organised a series of tazkirah or talk as efforts to enhance understanding on matters pertaining to Umrah and Haj.

The country's intending haj pilgrims who are currently still in Madinah were given explanation on the matters by several officers and religious teachers. The talks were held at their hotels. The second group of 397 intending haj pilgrims are on their way to Makkah Al-Mukaramah, while the third and fourth groups will depart on 8th and 9th of August respectively.

In assisting and diversifying its services, DHSB has opened up cash withdrawal services in the holy city. The service is not only for intending haj pilgrims using DHSB package but also other haj packages. In his explanation, Awang Hj Mahmud Hj Mohamed, Managing Director of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad, said the services are provided at all hotels used by DHSB namely the Dallah Taibah in Madinah, Adjyad Hotel, Algufran Hotel and Le-Meredian Hotel in Makkah. The services are for the convenience of the pilgrims so they do not have to bring a lot cash from Brunei.

Source: Radio Television Brunei