Ramadan is a month which is filled with blessings and nobility. The arrival of the holy month is certainly an awaited moment for all Muslims as it provides a huge opportunity for them to increase their faith and piety.

In the country, the arrival of Ramadan is welcomed with full gratitude. Prior to stepping into the blessed month, special talks have been organised by various parties including Ministries, villages as well as private companies and individuals as a preparation to welcome Ramadan Kareem.

Spiritual preparation is very important, so as to be able to perform the fast in the best possible way, that is with a sincere heart and performing acts of worship that are in line with the guidance and sunnah of Rasulullah Salallahu Alahi Wassalam.

Ramadan requires us to increase our existing knowledge and go over the laws related to the definition of fasting, its benefits, and things that can null and void the fast.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan carries huge rewards and blessings. Aside from this, fasting also represents an institution for acts of worship because throughout the month of Ramadan, from daylight until night time, is filled with acts of worship and devotion.

Source: Radio Television Brunei