Muslims in the country will start the fasting month of Ramadhan tomorrow. Ramadhan, a month of holy and blessed provides the Muslim Ummah the opportunity to reap Allah's rewards as they strive to seek happiness in this world and the hereafter.

With all the goodness it offers, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak is the climax of Allah's love and affection towards people who are willing to make sacrifices in the quest for the acceptance and forgiveness of the Most Sublime Creator. Apart from providing spiritual lessons that teach the ummah to be wary of the influence of desire or lust, fasting also teaches the ummah to develop repentance and awareness on the sufferings of others in this world. The arrival of the holy month is awaited by Muslims who seeks to reap multiple rewards.

Muslims are encouraged to perform Sunat Tarawikh Prayer, read Al-Quran, recite wirid, witir, zikir, selawat and istighfar to further enliven the atmosphere in Ramadhan. The Lailatul Qadar or Night of the Decree is Allah's special gift to Muslims in Ramadhan. Muslims are encouraged to increase their religious acts and good deeds as a way of gaining Allah's blessings and favour.

Source: Radio Television Brunei