Starting from the 2nd of January next year, boat-towing owners are required to apply for a licence from the Land Transport Department, while boat-trailers need to be registered. The new regulations were announced by the Acting Director of the Land Transport Department at a media conference yesterday.

Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud said the enforcement of the licence and boat-towing registration is in line with the Road Traffic Order and Regulations, Chapter 68). It is also a continuous move by the National Road Safety Council through the Land Transport Department in enhancing road safety features. According to Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal, registration for boat-trailers is $10.00 per annum. Owners are also required to apply for insurance which also covers the vehicle for towing their boat. Meanwhile, Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal explained that the inspection of new boat-trailers will be implemented after three years of registration. He added, the inspection will be carried out every subsequent six months. Meanwhile for the existing boat-trailers, he said the owners need to bring them for inspection every six months. Touching on the regulations for other forms of towing-purposes such as animal-carriage, ATV, food cart and so on, Pengiran Mohd Amirrizal said the regulations will be announced at a later date.

The Acting Land Transport Director also informed the public that those who are driving a boat-trailer are required to apply for Class Two "B" Driving Licence, and the boat-trailers must be installed with the necessary safety signals in accordance to the specifications. For further information, the public can surf the Land Transport Department's website at: OR contact the department through the line: 2451980 extension: 510 / 511 or 513.

Source: Radio Television Brunei